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Lots of great activities that I am sure we otherwise would not have found on our own. Having a great time planning adventures with the family!

Great Family Fun!

Pamela T.


OMGosh! These cards are scratch offs I never knew I needed in my life. It is so fun to explore new places I would never thought of without these fabulous cards.

Love These!!!

DeAnna S.


These are great! I have a family of 5 and we do a ton of traveling and camping but this gave us new ideas for places we have gone to over and over.

Absolutely Amazing!!

Mishala H.


Best gift ever! We have had so much fun exploring new places. We’ve only just started and can’t wait to keep the adventures going!

Loving These Adventures!!

Jennifer T.


We really love it. We’ve lived in Arizona almost 3 years and we thought we went to a lot places already but this scratch card is giving us more new places and things to do.

Our New Adventure

Mayumi K.


Truly we are having a blast! We’re coming across things we didn’t even know about and enjoying it all along the way! 🧡

Love Love Love It!!

Madison B.