We made the news!

Hey there! We're Trent and Sarah - creators of the Minnesota Adventure Bucket List. We recently had the opportunity to appear on the local Minnesota news to talk about our creation, and we wanted to tell you a little more about it.

As avid travelers and Minnesota natives, we've spent years exploring all of the amazing experiences our state has to offer. We wanted to share that passion with others, so we came up with the idea to launch a Minnesota Adventure Bucket List. Each state bucket list includes 50 scratch-off cards, each featuring a different adventure around the state.

We've put a lot of thought and care into each adventure on the cards. You can choose from a range of experiences, from outdoor activities like hiking and exploring waterfalls to cultural events like visiting museums or checking out iconic food stops around the state. The cards also provide helpful information, such as the best time of day to visit, how much it will cost, and what to expect during the experience.

To use the cards, simply pick a city you want to explore, check out the icons at the bottom of the card to determine the season, cost, and time of day, and then scratch off the card to reveal your adventure! We've made sure that each adventure offers a unique and memorable experience, so you'll always have something fun and exciting to look forward to.

We're thrilled to say that the State Bucket Lists has been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who have used it to plan their own adventures around Minnesota. We're so glad to see that others share our passion for exploring the Land of 10,000 Lakes!